Errata for '6x6-Board Renju Problems - 2'   (Feb.2013)

(last update: 13 July 2013)

Page, Place Current Text Correction
p.26 (answer B10) { diagram } { Rename points as follows: 5→7, point above A→6, A→5 }
Black wins by <5→A or (B;C;D) or (A;E;F;D)> Black wins by <7→E or (B;C;D) or (E;F;D)>
p.36 (answer B31) same wherever 2 if 2 elsewhere, Black wins in the same way, or wins after playing Threes d and 5
p.37 (problem B35) { diagram } { Remove the leftmost White stone, and shift the top White stone two lines left }
p.38 (answer B35) { diagram } { Same as above }
Black wins by (A;C) if 5/4, <5→A> if C/4 or <5→D> if 4 elsewhere if 4 elsewhere, Black wins by <5→D>
p.47 (problem C08) { diagram } { Remove a Black stone and a White stone in the 2nd horizontal line }
p.48 (answer C08) { The modified answer is different from the original. Refer to C214 in Web-site [2] }
p.53 (problem C18) { diagram } { Shift the rightmost lowest White stone above one line }
p.54 (answer C18) { diagram } { Same as above }
{ The corrected answer is similar to the original, but details are different. Refer to C153 in Web-site [2] }